Exceptional Experiences

From opening your first savings account all the way to retirement…at Unison, we start with you. Our Unison family enjoys helping you and your family realize your financial potential!

Read about members who are realizing and achieving their financial potential by utilizing Unison’s variety of products and services.

The Schuh’s were building both a new business and family when they came to Unison Credit Union. Emily and Jon each belonged to other credit unions, but wanted to find one that was convenient and fit their needs without “fees and hoops to jump through.”

They met with Financial Services Representative, Erika. “She made opening an account with Unison feel personal, comfortable and a ton of fun to work with,” he said. That was just the beginning.

As the Schuh family and business grew so did their needs for more products and services! Emily said that throughout the years Unison “has helped us in so many different areas of our life including extra money for our wedding, our vehicles, and of course helping Jon’s business grow.”

Thank you to the Schuh’s for choosing Unison!

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