Deck the Halls DIY

shutterstock_65849617Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to break your budget. Check out these inexpensive do-it-yourself ideas to give your home some festive flair.

Pretty Pinecones – Dip pinecones in gold paint (either partially or all of the way) or use a mixture of water, glue and glitter for a sparkling effect. Place on side tables or use to fill baskets and bowls.

Christmas “Spirits” – Stick candles in clean, empty wine bottles for a dramatic display of warm, holiday light.

Tie It Up – Tie a bow around your throw pillows with holiday-colored ribbons, and they’ll look just like Christmas gifts! Add a rhinestone pin for an extra decorating kick.

Branch Out – Plain dry branches from your yard—whether from green firs or bare deciduous trees—make excellent decorations when you spray with silver or gold paint. Hang, or tuck in a vase to decorate an entryway or dining room. Plus, add ornaments to the branches for an instant Christmas tree.

Frame It – Turn holiday wrapping paper into instant artwork by sliding it into a frame. Or frame your favorite Christmas greeting cards and hang in a collection.

 Source: 2012 Readers Digest,

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