Spooked About Halloween Spending?

HalloweenGhosts and goblins across the nation are expected to spend nearly 8 billion dollars on Halloween in 2013. But, preparing for the occasion doesn’t have to be scary for your wallet! Consider these suggestions from Money Crashers to help you save this year.

  1. Buy your pumpkins the day before Halloween. You won’t get as good of a selection, but they’ll likely be half-priced, and you can buy more than one for decoration. Also, you won’t need to worry about rotting.
  2. Use everyday items to decorate the house. You can take cereal boxes and spray paint them black or gray to place in the yard to make it look like a cemetery. You can also use quilt padding to make cob webs.
  3. Instead of throwing a party for the kids, play a game. Video/photo scavenger hunts are really fun. Make a list of things to find or do around the neighborhood (i.e. a black cat or an abandoned “haunted” house)
  4. Make your own costumes. Dressing like a celebrity or an iconic figure is usually the easiest to do. You can do the same for kid’s costumes.
  5. For Couples, have a scary movie marathon. Pop some popcorn or bake some spooky looking cookies and watch scary movies from Netflix or Red Box.

Happy haunting!



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