Muy Caliente!

SummerHotdogIt is no surprise that we are in the heart of summer and hot temperatures! Some of us prefer to park ourselves in an air-conditioned building while others prefer to test the limitations of their sweat glands outside. It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity, right? Whether it is one or the other, here are some no-sweat ways to cool off.

Stay “hydrated” at home.

Yes, you should be drinking plenty of hydrating beverages but, what I really mean is have some fun with water in your own backyard.  Create a water obstacle course. Your mission is to complete challenges in the pool, through the slip-and-slide and around the sprinkler all while squirting the enemy with your water blaster or water balloons

Enjoy some M&M’s.

Mall & Movies. While the outside is heating up hang out in the air-conditioned indoors. Make a trip to the mall or the movie theater. It is a fantastic time of year for some bargain shopping. Trust me, I recently made a nice dent in the clearance rack at my favorite clothing store scoring up to 75% off! Stores are gearing up for fall items so many are clearing out the old spring and summer goods at super discounted prices. Beat the back-to-school crowds or get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping.

Shopping seems like too much work you say? Ok, how about a movie instead. Matinees and budget theaters are a smart way to go. You get to save a few dollars while enjoying the show and your inside during the hottest part of the day.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

As the temperature increases so do the number of people looking for a refreshing dip in the areas public pools, beaches and waterparks. Do you blame them? A day at Kaukauna public pool is only $2.00 for kids ages 5-17 and $3.00 for adults. If you prefer a little sand between your toes, there are several nice beaches along Lake Winnebago or take a short drive to Lake Michigan. For the thrill seeking day trippers, the waterparks of Wisconsin Dells are on their radar. Don’t forget Unison has discounted tickets for Noah’s Ark! You can purchase tickets at any of our locations for nearly $10 off the regular admission price.

Whatever your choice is to stay cool this summer we want all members of the Unison family to have fun, be creative and stay safe! We would also love you hear how you are beating the heat. Please share with us right here on the Unison Blog!

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