Get Smart: Protect Your Smartphone

TopSecretWith all the additions of online, mobile and text banking via your computer or mobile phone, Unison wants you to keep your personal information ¬†protected. Did you know smartphone users are about one-third more likely to be victims of identity fraud than others? If you’re not careful about guarding the personal information on your phone, fraudsters have sneaky ways to get it and make phony financial transactions using your name and other info.

Fortunately, you can take simple steps to protect your smartphone from thieves and hackers. Think of your smartphone as a minicomputer, holding tons of information about you. Protect it as you would any computer or you may be broadcasting your whereabouts and other personal stuff to complete strangers.

You need a strong password for your phone, software to back up your information and wipe it clean if it’s stolen, and security software to prevent malware and viruses. Make sure you only download apps from trusted sources. And don’t access your financial accounts from public Wi-Fi hotspots – they’re a prime target for hackers.

If you do lose your phone or if it’s stolen, contact your phone carrier immediately. All phone carriers are working on tapping in to a shared database for stolen smartphones, so your stolen device is worthless and thieves can’t reactivate it with another carrier.

Your friends at Unison care about your safety and privacy. Protect your smartphone and keep talking, texting and banking safely!


Copyright 2012 Credit Union National Association Inc. Information subject to change without notice. For use with members of a single credit union. All other rights reserved.
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