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Sticky Pig BankWe are a little more than half way through the year (are you also wondering where the first part went?)!  How are you doing “sticking” to your budget and financial goals that you made earlier in the year? You’re doing great you say? Super job! Or is it kind of a bumpy ride on your savings wagon? Trust me, I can relate to that one. Whether your money related goals for 2013 are to spend less, save more, pay down debt or buy that new home or car, Unison has the tools and people to help!

Ask for help.

Admitting that you could use a little help and then asking for it is not easy. Yep, this girl is soooo guilty of that. Not knowing where to begin or how to prioritize your goals can cause you to throw in the towel too quickly. Talk to a family member, friend, your favorite Unison FSR or someone you feel comfortable discussing your financial questions and concerns with.

Prioritize your goals.

Choose a manageable number of financial goals or dreams and prioritize them by your ability to reach them.

Make it fun!

When making a list of tasks, most of us tend to start with the easy or fun ones, right? Why not try it for our finances too! Make it easy by setting up online banking to automatically transfer funds into your savings or set up bill pay to conveniently pay your bills online. Have fun with saving by getting a little creative. At the beginning of the month pick a random date – for this example we will use the 15th. On that day, put an extra $15 into your savings or pay an extra $15 on your credit card bill.

Do you have some fun ways to save? Share with the rest of us on the blog!

Between Unison’s helpful blog, website, online services and knowledgeable Financial Services Representatives; we offer plenty of resources to help our members “stick to it”!

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