Volunteering: Are U involved?

HandsPart of the credit union philosophy is “people helping people.” Throughout the year you’ll find members of the Unison family volunteering at various community events. Volunteering is about giving your time, talent and energy…for free. It can have a positive impact on where you live as well as your mental and physical health!

Yes, we all have busy lives and our time may be limited to devote to volunteering. However, the benefits of it will be so rewarding to you, your family and your community that you’ll start making room in your schedule. It is a fantastic way to discover a new skill or interest. Boost your life experiences and career – surveys show nearly 75% of employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience over one without! Volunteering is also great way to be social, meet people and make new friends.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available in our area. Your workplace, church, kids sporting or school events are all great places to begin. Another great resource that connects volunteers with organizations in need is The Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin http://www.volunteercenter.net/.

Make sure to have some fun while volunteering! The best experiences benefit both you and the organization. Unison had fun on May 4th when we once again proudly sponsored a house for the 12th annual Rebuilding Together Project Day. Check out the U-Crew volunteers helping our homeowner, Emma, spruce up her space!










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