Remodel Today and Enjoy Your Improvements for Years to Come.

Remodeling SamplesIf you’re like many Unison Credit Union members, you really like your home and your neighborhood but wish your house had many features you’d look for in a newer structure. Maybe you’d like a laundry on the main floor, a master suite with walk-in shower and maybe better energy efficiency.

You don’t have to move! You can remodel your way into the home you’ll be able to stay in and enjoy for decades. Many remodeling homeowners build in “aging-in-place” features that enable a more convenient future for residents of all ages.

Your aging-in-place home modifications should address these features:

* Accessibility. Improving accessibility includes making doorways wider, widening hallways, lowering countertop heights for sinks and kitchen cabinets, installing grab bars and placing light switches and electrical outlets at accessible heights.

* Adaptability. Adaptability features are changes you can make quickly to accommodate the needs of seniors or disabled individuals without having to completely redesign the home or use different materials for essential fixtures. For example, consider installing grab bars on bathroom walls and movable cabinets under a sink so someone in a wheelchair can use the space.

* Universal design. Universal design features are usually built into a home when the first blueprints or architectural plans are drawn and also can be added to future upgrades. These features include appliances, fixtures and floor plans that are easy for all people to use, flexible enough so that they can be adapted for special needs, sturdy and reliable and functional with a minimum of effort and understanding of the mechanisms involved.

Working with a contractor who knows basic universal design principles can ensure that your remodeling project helps achieve your goal—a warm and inviting home whose unique and helpful features will continue to accommodate you over time.

And, Unison can help!

If you own your home and have built up equity in it, we can talk with you about affordable home loans that will get your remodeling ideas in motion. Call us today!

Don’t wait until you decide to sell your house to modernize. Remodel today and enjoy your improvements for years to come. We’d like nothing better than to help you stay right here in the community you call home!

Source: Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA)
Copyright 2013 Credit Union National Association Inc. Information subject to change without notice. For use with members of a single credit union. All other rights reserved.
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