Home Improvement Projects: It’s Not Just About Being “Handy”

CuteHouseMaybe you need a new garage, deck, roof or front porch. Or you just want to add some curb appeal and color with landscaping, new shutters or a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to home improvements, Unison Credit Union has the best financing options in the form of home equity or fixed rate loans. But should you do projects yourself or hire a pro?

Consider these factors:

Time. Many homeowners have a limited amount of free time to spend working on their projects. The average kitchen remodel that would normally take a contractor a few days could end up taking months on your own!

Materials. Who will measure, order and inspect on arrival? Do you have a vehicle suitable to pick up forgotten materials and to dump trash?

Tools. Certain jobs need certain tools. Will you have to buy or rent them? Do you know how to use them properly to complete your project?

Skills. Home remodeling is not something that can be learned off of a DIY web page. It takes certain skills and a high level of construction knowledge. Consider having a contractor come to your home to go over your project with you before it is started. They will be able to help you determine if it is something you can handle on your own or if you should bring in a professional.

Safety. Doing projects at extreme heights, using tools you aren’t comfortable with, creating dust and introducing toxic fumes with new materials can become a concern.

Liabilities. Be careful who you hire. Make sure they are a licensed and insured contractor. If someone gets hurt on your property, you could get sued. If a worker causes a fire or major damage, it may invalidate your homeowner policy.

Savings. Do the math. Factor in the cost of your time versus the cost of hiring a contractor.

Resale. Many buyers in today’s market are getting detailed home inspections that put home improvement projects under the microscope. Make sure yours are up to code and compliant with any local ordinances.  

Whatever route you decide to take for your home improvement projects, come to Unison for your financing! Give us a call at 920.766.6000 or stop in to speak with an FSR to get that project started!

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