“Going Green” to Save Your Green!

Go GreenWe can still “go green” while we are waiting (patiently) for the white stuff to melt. There are simple ideas and small changes you can make to save energy, reduce waste and save some “green” in your wallet.

The typical family will spend an over $2,500 every year just on utilities such as water, heat/air conditioning and electricity. Much of that money is spent on wasted energy. Replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving ones that last longer and burn less energy. Turn down your thermostat in the winter and back up in the summer or invest in a programmable thermostat. Save water by making sure your dishwasher and washing machine are full with a dirty load before running them. Also, if you only sing one song in the shower versus two you could save over 14 gallons of water! 

Earth Day is Monday, April 22. Between now and Earth Day try one, two or all of the “green” tips below or visit http://www.earthday.org/ for additional resources.

  • Reduce paper and take advantage of free e-statements, e-notices and online banking. Learn more about these services on Unison’s website or ask an FSR about signing up today!
  • Choose products with less packaging. Save money, as well as room in a landfill.
  • Cut back on driving for errands and shopping. Make a list before heading out!
  • Lower the temperature on your water heater.
  • Unplug chargers and small appliances when not in use.
  • Repurpose something – an empty glass jar can hold leftovers or bulk items.

Save energy, save resources and save money!

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