In like a lion, out like a lamb

lambHave you heard the old idiom about March weather – “in like a lion, out like a lamb” and vice versa?  According to the saying, weather at the end of the month will be the opposite of what happens at the start of the month.

Do your monthly finances do the same? It would be great to keep income/expenses good and calm “like a lamb” throughout the entire month. 
Unison offers a variety of budgeting tools found on both our website,,  and within It’sMe247 online banking to help keep those financial “lions” tame and under control. There is a good deal of information available on both sites especially under the Resource Center tab on the Unison page.
Perhaps you haven’t fully embraced technology – our Financial Services Representatives can help answer questions and offer advice on budgeting too!  Also, we will be hosting workshops throughout the year.  On April 22, our favorite coupon clipper Jennifer Jacobson-Carew, will be returning to the credit union once again during Money Smart Week to share her bargain shopping tips. Check back for details.
Looks like our March weather is coming in like a lamb…which way is your financial month coming in?


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