Dear Family & Friends

Dear_penFirst of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Snow, Christmas lights, cookie decorating (and eating), hot chocolate with candy canes, present wrapping…fun times and traditions this time of year!


You and I, at some point, have been the recipient or the author of an annual tradition—the family “Year In Review” Christmas letter. You know, those photocopied messages tucked in a Christmas card highlighting the year’s high points–all the vacations taken, what extracurricular activities or academics the kids excelled in or the addition of a new family pet. The infamous holiday letter is a fun tradition for those who write one and, yes, those of us that know one will be in the mail from you.


This year, I am starting a new letter tradition. I will be writing one…to myself…and about my financial choices throughout 2012. No, I am not tipping back too much eggnog while writing this. Hear me out

Not every purchase, deposit or debt will be crammed into the letter. I will keep it light and concentrate on the good financial choices made. Bragging will be acceptable here. The low points, such as spending $75 over my allotted shoe budget, is a negative that will get a bit of a positive spin. I’m not sugar coating the spending snafus but making light of them. What were impulse buys, which purchases can I justify and did I contribute enough to savings? Seeing my financial habits written out this way may help me in 2013 to adjust my spending and saving budgets. Let’s try writing this letter together. I don’t think I’ll send it in a card to myself, but you can if that will bring a smile.


Read about the Unison Family “Year In Review” in our upcoming InUnison newsletter. Until then, enjoy reading and writing those Christmas letters. Merry Christmas!

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