Service = Success

Is it the product or the service that defines a business?

A very successful café in the San Francisco area posts 18 “laws” on their menu. Law #1 states:

“ We reserve the right to run the restaurant for the enjoyment and pleasure of our customers, not the convenience of the staff or the owners ”

Holy customer service Batman, this business gets it! They have thought through what makes the experience better for their patrons. It is not just about the quality or quantity of the products they offer, but the quality of service that goes with it.

Unfortunately, over half of customers have abandoned a purchase in the past year because of a poor service experience; according to the new American Express Global Customer Service Barometer. On average, a dissatisfied customer will tell around 10 people of their dissatisfaction. This number is probably higher now that the Internet and social media have increased people’s ability to speak out to a larger crowd. If a business upsets one customer they may have lost 10 or more potential customers.

While I am guilty of sounding off about less than stellar service, I also rejoice when I stumble upon a business that exceeds my expectations. Providing top-notch service keeps me, as well as others, coming back for a very long time! Several businesses are doing service right because they have been fixtures in the Fox Valley for 50 plus years – Unison has been with you for 80! And, it is our mission to provide exceptional service to our members to ensure that we are here for 80 more.

So, in regards to the initial question if it is the service or the product offered that defines a business – there is no right or wrong answer. It is your preference. Just make sure the businesses you go to are worthy of your patronage.

Do you have an exceptional service experience to share?

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