Local Produce, Local Difference

Saturday mornings in the summer means one thing for many of us…farmers market! Yeeess! I have a pretty standard routine when I go–first stops are to get my traditional breakfast; coffee, sugar snap peas or cheese curds and, on a special occasion, an egg roll (I know you know what I’m talking about) before perusing the rest of the market and loading my bags with fresh goodies.

Farmers markets and the items available are growing in numbers, and quickly! Wisconsin is home to over 280 markets and ranks third in the nation behind California and New York. Consumer trends are showing an ever-increasing demand for fresh, healthy, locally grown food. It is a win/win situation by buying local produce -  farmers benefit and the produce you purchase is benefiting your health. Ellen, from Unison Credit Union, and “regular” at the Downtown Kaukauna Farmers Market, believes “there is nothing better than farm fresh produce and supporting our local farmers.”

So, does eating healthy, locally grown produce and other products really cost more? I found the price of the items I purchased at the Neenah’s Farmers Market this weekend were comparable to the grocery store I normally shop at–some items cost a few cents more, some less.

Strawberries (organic): market price $4/quart, locally grown / supermarket price $4.99/lb from California

Sugar Snap Peas: market price $3/lb, locally grown / supermarket price $2.99/lb from California

Tomatoes (organic): market price $.50 for two medium locally grown / supermarket price $1.99/lb from California

Also, factor in that you can pretty much sample everything before buying at a farmers market and towards the end of the day you can bargain a good deal.  I dare you to try that with the produce manager at your local supermarket!

Add your local farmers market info to the list below or share where we can find your favorite local produce stand/farm.

Area Farmers Markets:

Kaukauna SATURDAYS–Open Jun 9–Oct 20. 7:30am–12pm

Wrightstown SUNDAYS–Open Jun-Oct. 8am–1pm

Appleton SATURDAYS–Open Jun 16–Oct 26 (no market Sep 29). 8am–12:30pm

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