What have we been up to?

A better question is what haven’t we been up to? Classroom Credit Union graduations, Money Smart Week, The Big Read, National Credit Union Youth Week, 14th Annual Pig to Pig Walk and Rebuilding Together–just a few of the credit union and community events Unison employees and members recently participated in.

Money Smart Week

You do not have to be like the coupon extremists as portrayed on a certain popular television show to enjoy and reap the benefits of a good deal!  There are many ways to save money, but not everyone knows where to begin. During Money Smart Week we hosted a “Curious About Couponing?” workshop. Jennifer Jacobson Carew from GreenBayConsumer.com revealed her tips, tricks and methods to spending less and getting more.

Who loves having extra cash in their pockets? We all do!  Share your money saving tips with us and check out all of Jennifer’s helpful hints on http://greenbayconsumer.com.

Youth Week

It is never too early to learn the value of saving money. Young Unison members were encouraged to be “super savers” for National Credit Union Youth Week.  Each deposit of $50 or more was an entry into the drawing for a Kindle Fire…we had over 400 entries! Fantastic job!

The fun doesn’t end there. All year long, our Moola Moola Kids’ Club and Serious Savings members can earn prizes and gift cards for making deposits to their accounts. We love rewarding our mini-members for staying on track to reach their savings goals.

Rebuilding Together Project Day

Your one-hour task on Saturday has become a two-day event with 10 trips to the hardware store. Homeowners always seem to have a “bucket list” of repairs and home improvement projects, but some owners don’t always have the financial resources or are physically unable to do maintenance or make necessary modifications to their homes. Rebuilding Together Fox Valley (RTFV) is a non-profit volunteer based organization that forms partnerships to rebuild and repair the homes of those in need. Unison is proud to be a RTFV partner! This past Saturday, Unison staff and their family members teamed up to help out a local homeowner with projects and repairs that would allow her to continue to live independently in her own home. Together we can make an impact in our community and work to improve the quality of life for our neighbors.

What are you doing this year to make a difference in your area? We want to hear from you!

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