A ghost, goblin or pumpkin…

What is your child going to be for Halloween? With so many options for kid’s costumes, it’s hard to pick just one! Parents can’t get enough of a sweet baby flower or the cutest little dinosaur they’ve ever seen.

Typically kids only wear their costumes for one day and just for a couple of hours, so you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind this year:

1.     Look for costumes at your local thrift store. You can usually find the same costumes as you would at a department store and for much cheaper. You could also find items to make your own costume by putting different pieces together.

2.     If you have friends or family with kids around the same ages, exchange costumes from year to year. It will save you money and they’ll have something new to be every year!

3.     Be creative and make your own! See what you can find at home or shop your local craft stores to find fabric and other supplies on sale.

4.     Shop ahead of time – start looking for next year’s costume right after Halloween. Stores will clearance any leftover costumes for much cheaper than you’d normally pay.

So let’s hear your ideas! What are you doing for your kid’s costumes this year?

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